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She is a women’s advocate and an IFBB bikini pro and 13th best over 40 bikini physique. In 2019, Karene was named the Most Influential People of African Descent under 40 by the United Nations. She currently serves on the Board for both The Association For Women in Science and The National Speakers Association.

Karene is known for her ability to dramatically transform physiques in a matter of weeks. 

She has leveraged her mathematical skills to develop a robust scientific system to help people transform their physiques. 

Karene Richards-Wise, CFA is a health coach, personal trainer and public speaker who was formerly an Investment Banker for 18 years and CEO of the Association for Women in Science. 

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Jackie H.

Karene is a gem. She provides all the tools to help you on your fitness journey (food plan & exercise). She makes sure you follow the plan. Excellent trainer!!

Chloe K.

Fit Hidden Figure is amazing! Karene offers high touch, personalized service with immediate results. This is not a one size fits all program. She uses real-time data and scientific research to tailor her fitness program ...

nwanyinma n.

My coaching with Karene has been the most pivotal part of my year, without question. Her persistent support, insight, and expertise has pushed me to see results in weeks I haven’t even
partially ...

christopher w.

Over the last year and half I have lost about 100 lbs and 10% body fat using Entyse Fitness. With Karene's attention to detail, doing dexa scans, VO2 tests and a personalized diet, she has taken ...

jasmine s.

Fit Hidden Figure is great for those whom want to change their lifestyle for the better. Karene is such an awesome professional, she really takes pride in what she does.

margaret r.

I *highly* recommend training with Karene if you want a trainer that will go above and beyond for you. She focuses on your personal goals, takes the time to ensure you fully understand her...


Hidden Figure has helped me action with putting my health first. Because of Hidden Figure, I have the knowledge to change my diet for the rest of my life. Thanks Hidden Figure for showing me the importance of ...


FHF provides a *team* to guide you, motivate you and hold you accountable. I finally feel like I have what I need in order to be consistent and do the work.  I feel empowered. I have so much more data about my health and ...

Daphne G.

My experience has been a true transformation. If you stick to the plan it is very effective. Karene is very knowledgeable.


As a busy professional with many responsibilities competing for my time, my fitness was always the easy sacrifice. Working with Karene and her team at Fit Hidden Figure provided me the structure, accountability, and support...


I trained with Karene for 4 months because I wanted to lower my body fat percentage. In about 4 months I lost about 4% body fat and I was amazed! Karene is an excellent instructor who gives you the full one on one experience!...

Thomas M.

Fit Hidden Figure is excellent. I have had trouble losing weight in the past while following other programs. Fit Hidden Figure has been successful for me. I lost 14 pounds in the first two weeks; the staff teaches you how to make a lifestyle change ...

Aaron K.

Karene is a master of what she does. My experience working with her doing a body transformation was nothing short of incredible. She gave step by step instructions on what to eat, drink and do to get the body I wanted in 3 months ...

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